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Division Skill Goals

UpdatedTuesday March 7, 2017 byEric Achtien.

Five goals for the players 4-6 in age

Learning the basic rules—the right direction to run when the ball is hit; runners must touch the bases; how to record outs (catch the ball in the air, throw to first, or tag the runners); running past first base; scoring a run; three outs constitute an inning.

Throwing mechanics—turn the body so that the front shoulder points toward the target; keep the elbow above the shoulder; step toward the target with the nonthrowing foot and release the ball.

Tracking—follow the ball with the eyes into the glove, whether on the ground or in the air (use softer balls); use two hands to catch and field; try to catch the ball out in front of the body.

Hitting—how to hold and swing the bat; batting safety (when not to swing bats, wearing batting helmets); hitting off a tee; hitting softly tossed pitches.

Learning positional play—if the ball is hit to your buddy, let him or her field it (note to coach: try not to put more than 10 players on a field at a time).