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The throwing habits/skills you teach a 4-6 year old will stay with him/her, and affect their lifelong play, more than anything else you teach them.   

Here are the essentials of good throwing:

The grip: 

  • Teach kids to grip the ball with fingers, instead of grabbing the ball in the palm.
  • Tee age:  three fingers on top, spread out, pinky tucked on side.  

Proper mechanics of the throw:

  • Body starts sideways to target, Arms fully extended out in a ‘T’:  front (gloved) hand points at target, back (ball) hand straight back, thumb pointing down
  • Circular motion above shoulder to throw
  • Throwing elbow should go above shoulder, arm in L‐shape at apex of throw
  • Follow thru with whole body - arm comes across as body turns and back leg comes across front as weight shifts during release
  • Eyes on target entire time
  • Watch for and Intervene to correct:  Side‐arm throwers, ‘Low elbow’ throwers